Book Review: Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo

I can’t possibly express how much I love Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo. I’m not sure there are enough adjectives in the English language.

First of all–not that anyone cares, but this is my book review and I’ll write what I want–this book landed in my lap during the first few weeks of my new BTS obsession and I do not believe in coincidences.

Second of all, Lucky and Jack are one of the freaking cutest couples in YA romance to ever exist and you cannot tell me otherwise.

Warning: slight spoilers ahead.

I’m usually one of those annoying “You can’t fall in love that fast, I don’t care if this is fiction!” people, but sometimes the magic just sucks me right in. When a book makes you swoon and “aww” out loud and remember the good things in life, why fight it? Lucky and Jack falling in love within 24 hours as they explore Hong Kong, eat delicious food, and try to pretend they’re not attracted to each other is a must-read.

In fact, I went looking for another Maurene Goo book before I was even finished with this one because she’s already become one of my new favorite authors (it’s called The Way You Make Me Feel and I can already tell, it’s going to inspire another dramatic book review from yours truly).

Not only are Lucky and Jack absolutely adorable, but I love that one of the threads connecting them is just how lost each of them feel in their own way. She’s trying to find the joy in her career again and he’s trying to figure out how he can live a more fulfilling life than the one he thinks has been planned for him. In finding each other, they’re forced to make some tough decisions about who they want to be.

“Who says a quality life can’t have some selfishness in it?”

Read the synopsis on Goodreads here.

Buy Somewhere Only We Know at The Strand here.
(This happens to be my favorite indie, but please support your local ones if you’re able to!)

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