Birthday Album Review: Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer

Happy first Birthday to Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer, one of my favorite albums of the last year. At first it felt like a really unfortunate thing that I caught on to Youngblood several months after it dropped, but I see now that it’s a major benefit because of how much I’ve grown to absolutely love it.

Every song on this album holds its own, which I feel is a rarity in pop music these days. There’s often a song or two that feels out of place, but not with Youngblood. The instrumentation that 5SOS have always nailed shines in this album as usual, but this time around, it’s mixed with some really daring and beautiful production. Even after listening to the album dozens of times on repeat, there’s something new to be found each time–whether it’s a harmony that sneaks up on you or a nuance in the bass line you didn’t notice before.

The vocals are more confident from all four members here and the lyrics they’ve written hold some new weight. Hearing the music mature along with the band (which isn’t always a success for everyone, let’s be honest) as they mature in their own personal lives is incredible.

The greatest part about Youngblood is how the songs are so distinctly different, with various influences, but they still work together and complement one another. It’s just a pure, colorful mosaic of musical goodness.

I’ve kept up with a few 5SOS songs over the last few years, but this project yanked me fully back into the fold and I’m glad for it. Youngblood marks the beginning of a path this band is clearly passionate about and working hard for. I can’t wait to hear more.

Music video on repeat: “Want You Back”

Songs on repeat
(The whole album, tbh, but if I HAVE to choose…)

  • “If Walls Could Talk”
  • “Talk Fast”
  • “Meet You There”
  • “Want You Back”
  • “More”

Buy Youngblood from the official 5 Seconds of Summer website here.

5 Seconds of Summer are going on tour with The Chainsmokers this fall. Check out tour dates and ticket information here.

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