Book Review: Odd One Out by Nic Stone

I had a good feeling about Odd One Out by Nic Stone from the moment that I read the synopsis a few months ago and it has met all of my expectations.

As I was reading it, I had to remind myself that I cannot live tweet an entire book, even though I wanted to gush over damn near everything about it.

As the characters sort through their very real and confusing emotions about love and the spectrum of sexuality, every single one of them will leave you laughing and commiserating with their inner thoughts. This novel is such a warm and beautiful way to tackle topics that teenagers may be afraid to discuss or even acknowledge for many reasons, even as they wish that they had guidance.

A love triangle is usually a hot mess and it’s easy to jump to one side or another, but this wasn’t one of those situations for me. I felt everybody’s perspective pretty equally and I didn’t come out of it glad that someone was deservedly dismissed.

Personally, I love a deep, loyal friendship, so Courtney and Jupiter’s closeness was my favorite part of it all. There was more than one moment where the feels were attacking as I read; the two of them are just plain adorable, y’all.

Eh, maybe I did pick a side without realizing it? Oops. Read this book!

“Life is a journey without a map, and as such, we’ll all encounter twists and turns that force us to correct our course or change directions entirely.”

Synopsis Excerpt (via Goodreads)

One story.
Three sides.
No easy answers.

Buy Odd One Out at The Strand here.
(This happens to be my favorite indie, but please support your local ones if you’re able to!)

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