Album Review: Icarus Falls by Zayn

Zayn’s debut album gave us a nice taste of the kind of music he’s capable of as a solo artist, but his sophomore album, Icarus Falls, has knocked that fully off the table to assert itself.

Icarus Falls is wonderfully bold, even while the production only gets sweeter and sweeter with every listen. The lyrics are catchy, but there’s also a welcome depth to them, along with the sensual undertone that Zayn has made it clear by now he knows how to manage well. This album feels deeply personal in a way that his debut was reaching for, but didn’t quite grasp.

I still find any album with more than 12 to 14 songs to be ambitious, but there are so many appealing tracks on Icarus Falls that it’s easy to forget just how long the project is–in fact, sometimes it leaves me wanting more.

Songs on repeat:
“Talk to Me”
“I Don’t Mind”
“You Wish You Knew”
“Too Much”

Buy Icarus Falls from Zayn’s official website here.

Zayn recently tweeted about looking forward to being onstage, so does this mean we’ll get to experience Icarus Falls live in the near future?! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out the just-released preview clip for the “Satisfaction” music video, dropping Jan. 9, 2019:



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