Live Show Review: The Vamps at Playstation Theater

The Vamps finally (FINALLY) returned to NYC last week and brought the good vibes that they always do. Lead guitarist James McVey told the crowd at the Playstation Theater that New York always feels like coming home, since they did their first U.S. headlining gig here when The Vamps were just breaking the market. They’ve most definitely come a long way since then.

Anyone who’s followed the band since their beginning has heard the progression vocally and sonically, but it’s never more apparent than when they’re performing live. It’s a testament to the bands’ collective humility and strong connection to their fanbase that every show, even if it’s a few hundred people, feels incredibly intimate and as if each of us is sharing every moment with the band personally.

Highlights of the Set List

  1. “Can We Dance”
  2. “What Your Father Says”
  3. “Cheap Wine”
  4. “We Don’t Care”
  5. “Same to You”
  6. “All Night”

A Moment

“All Night” is a song that was made for a live show. From its anthemic chorus to the moment when the beat drops…there’s nothing like it. The crowd spent all night (ha!) singing along loudly to the set, but it never feels like a more awesome shared experience than during this song. It was the perfect way for The Vamps to close out the show, giving us one last moment to absolutely lose our minds before saying goodbye to them before they hopefully come back our way very, very soon.

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The Vamps continue their tour in the UK in spring 2019. Check out upcoming tour dates and ticket information here.


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