Live Show Review: Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic Tour in Brooklyn

Bruno Mars brought his 24K Magic Tour to Brooklyn, NY for two nights this weekend and there’s no denying that everyone left that venue feeling as if they’d been blessed by a man who was born for the stage. I’ve watched some energetic artists do their thing, but I’m not sure any of them so far have compared to Bruno. From the flawless choreography to the jokes sometimes thrown out to the crowd, he was in his element and loving it.


Bruno’s production kept us on our toes with a row of pyrotechnics in the floor towards the back of the stage that went off with a loud bang at the end of several songs during his set. Although I was a little concerned for his drummer and pianist playing with their backs just a few feet from the sparks, they were a great aesthetic decision. (“Pop, pop, it’s showtime!”)

Highlights of the Set List

  1. “Nothin’ On You”/”It Will Rain”
  2. “Finesse”
  3. “Versace on the Floor”
  4. “Calling All My Lovelies”
  5. “Just the Way You Are”
  6. “Uptown Funk”

A Moment

Fans who’ve been around since the very beginning would’ve been very, very disappointed if Bruno hadn’t taken us back in time. At one point, he told the audience that he’d be giving his band a break while he played a game called “Who Remembers This One.” He played the first chords of the song that he said changed his life and the crowd erupted. It was, of course, “Nothin’ On You” by B.o.B, which introduced the world to Bruno Mars. He also sang “It Will Rain,” an incredible ballad that appeared on the soundtrack for the Twilight franchise. Unsurprisingly, the highlight was when he performed his beloved debut single, “Just the Way You Are.”

Bruno continues his North American tour through December. Check out upcoming tour dates and ticket information here.


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