Live Show Review: Ed Sheeran: 2018 North American Stadium Tour

Ed Sheeran is currently touring stadiums across North America and leaving no room for denial: he can capture audiences in venues of any size with just his voice, guitar, and a loop pedal.

I’ll admit, if I were to list my favorite Ed Sheeran albums, Divide is the last one on my list. However, that didn’t take away from the power of my first time seeing him live at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. There’s nothing better than watching an artist who is clearly having the time of his life and feeling that energy transferred throughout the entire venue.


The production for this tour reflects the artist’s style: minimalist, but vibrant. A series of screens are situated behind Ed. They’re vertical at the bottom and then angled diagonally towards the top. For each song, a multitude of colors, shapes, and images play behind him. Those are book-ended by two vertical screens showing Ed’s face or just his guitar, with various filters and colors playing across the images. The whole thing looks incredible and fits the stadium setting well.

Highlights of the Setlist

  1. I’m A Mess
  2. Don’t
  3. I See Fire
  4. Shape of You
  5. Perfect
  6. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

A Moment

“Perfect” doesn’t compare to “Thinking Out Loud” for me, but I have to say, his performance of this song really made the night. There are few things more awe-inspiring than a stadium lit by thousands of phones under a full moon on a September night while one of the dopest contemporary vocalists conveys his gratitude and humility through song.

Ed continues his tour here through early November, before he heads off to South Africa. Check out upcoming tour dates and ticket information here.


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