Album Review: Sweetener by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has dropped her highly anticipated fourth album and *insert every possible cringeworthy Sweetener pun about how dope it is here*. The music gods blessed this one, y’all.

It was clear with “no tears left to cry,” “the light is coming,” and “God is a Woman” that Ariana was diving into some very new sounds with Sweetener, and she’s managed to nail it with the full-length project. There’s only one song that I’m not too fond of. Every other song on Sweetener practically glitters in production and lyricism.

The beats and her vocals manage to share the stage on each track and neither one of them ever go toppling off into the crowd to be carted off on a stretcher. This is a pretty impressive feat considering how wild some of the songs get sonically (looking at you “Sweetener”). Her confidence shines through in tracks like “successful” and “God is a woman,” where it’s clear that she’s celebrating herself and the women who inspire her, and she doesn’t give a damn who doesn’t like it. More power to you, Queen.

Music video on repeat: “no tears left to cry”

Songs on repeat:

  • “R.E.M”
  • “blazed”
  • “breathin”
  • “goodnight n go”
  • “pete davidson”
    (I struggled to pick this top 5…there are so many good ones!)

Buy Sweetener from iTunes here.

Note: I’m experimenting with a new format, keeping the reviews of content that I love short and sweet. Comment below with your feedback and/or tweet @FanaticReviews!

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