Album Review: Night & Day (Day Edition) by The Vamps

One of the most talented UK bands currently on the charts, The Vamps have always been great at combining high-energy dance tracks with more swoon worthy ballads, and that’s still the case with the Day edition of their Night & Day album. The singles released ahead of it, from “Personal” to “Just My Type,” bring the infectious fun that everyone has come to expect in their singles, while album tracks like “Time Is Not On Our Side” remind me how very underrated The Vamps’ musical gifts are in the stateside market. Their lyrics, in particular, rarely disappoint.

Check out my review of Night & Day (Night Edition) here.

They also changed things up a bit with special editions of the album dedicated to each band member. Each CD features a different set of exclusive tracks and the choice of an album cover featuring either Connor, Tristan, Brad, or James. You don’t have to feel guilty about playing favorites with this album! The extra tracks have a couple of gems (hello, “If I Was Your Man”!), but the core of the Day Edition is definitely their best work this time around.

Music video on repeat: “Just My Type”

Songs on repeat: “Time Is Not On Our Side” and “If I Was Your Man”

Buy Night & Day (Day Edition) from their official website here.

The Vamps are headed on tour later this year and in 2019. Check out tour dates and ticket information here.

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