Album Review: Electric Light by James Bay

James Bay released his second studio album, Electric Light, early last month. I, for one, have been very excited about his return since he started teasing “Wild Love” a few months ago.

That first single didn’t disappoint, and neither has the rest of the album. The Chaos and the Calm will forever hold a special place in my heart, but it’s clear that James has evolved musically since his debut. The new sound fits very well, which was evidenced by the intimate tour he did to introduce some of that music on a live stage, as well as the studio recordings that we can now play on repeat for the next year.

There are more layers to the production on this album, and each song seems to have its own signature, which I really enjoy. Each one manages to stand out without making the album feel disjointed.

Electric Light features both an introduction and an interlude, which are unexpected and fitting, considering the type of musician James seems to be. His lyrics, seemingly without effort, always tell a story. Sometimes it’s a warm story, sometimes it’s a cold one, and sometimes it’s a heartbreaking and thrilling mixture of both.

“Wasted On Each Other” is right under “Wild Love” on my list right now, mostly because that song got under my skin as soon as I heard it performed live. All of his releases before the album promised a magical project to come, and it has not disappointed.

Who’s ready for tour? Check out tour dates and ticket information here.

Buy Electric Light on iTunes here or stream it on your favorite service.

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