Album Review: Silver Lining by Jake Miller

Jake Miller has wasted very little time bringing his Millertary new music. The latest album is called Silver Lining.

I’ll admit that I’m not sure any album will beat 2:00am in LA for me. Once I settled down with that album and really listened to it, I fell in love. Silver Lining follows a similar creative vein, though.

The singer is open about romance, heartbreak, yearning for an ex, and the pressures of the music industry and life. Jake revealed before his last album that he produced the entire thing from a setup in his bedroom, where he spent countless late nights creating the project. I’m always intrigued by those details whenever artists decide to throw them our way, and it’s been in the back of my mind every time I listen to his music.

Silver Lining represents another personal journey of creative growth; even for the songs that I’m not quite that into yet, I can’t help but admire the nuanced production. His beats are a tad experimental and even a little daring, while still remaining inside the cool pop sound he’s been known for since transitioning from rap to singing.

Check out my review of Jake’s Back to the Start tour here.

He’s always been a pretty open musician, but there’s an honesty in the music he’s released over the past couple of years that lifts it to a different place. He’s not too keen on answering relationship questions in interviews, but he makes his stories very, very personal in music. “Think About You,” “Drinking About You,” and “Permanent” are some examples of that.

He also drops in an inspirational message or two, which has been a trend since songs like “A Million Lives” way back when. “Headlights” consists of a voicemail his father left him, reminding him that good things happen to good people and he should keep going, despite the obstacles he might encounter.

My one wish here is that we could get some more cool collaborations. He had some stunning unofficial vocal features on 2:00am, but it would be dope to see some collaborations with artists like Kehlani, Stanaj, or Jojo, to name some suggestions (and faves of mine).

Buy Silver Lining by Jake Miller on iTunes or stream it on your favorite service.

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