Live Show Review: Halsey, hopeless fountain kingdom Tour, Brooklyn

Halsey took over the Barclays Center on October 13 for her hopeless fountain kingdom Tour and it was as life-changing as we all expected it to be.

The visuals throughout the show were stunning. They covered the massive screens above the stage, as well as the flight of steps that dominated most of the space. From the intimate moments shown during her performance of “Strangers” to the footage of herself with fans over the years during “Hopeless,” a lot of thought clearly went into the production for this tour and it showed.

However, most of my attention was on Halsey for those 90 minutes. It says a lot about her allure that I didn’t even notice the visuals for the duration of most of the songs. I was marveling at the fact that she was strutting around that stage so confidently and delivering her vocals so clearly against the backing tracks.

Her most captivating moments came during “Lie,” “Don’t Play,” “Gasoline,” and “Hurricane.” For “Lie” and “Don’t Play”, she and her backup dancer delivered a choreographed performance in the center of the arena on a wet stage. It was a moment that showed off Halsey’s strength as a performer and as a woman.

Halsey, hopeless fountain kingdom tour, Fanatic Reviews
B. Walker/Fanatic Reviews

She continued in that vein with emphatic, almost aggressive performances of “Gasoline” and “Hurricane,” where she told the crowd that they should remember: “You belong to no one but yourself.” Amen.

I have to admit, I wasn’t much of a fan of “Hurricane” and “Gasoline” before this show. They definitely didn’t even fall into my Badlands top five (“Drive,” “Haunting”, “Roman Holiday,” “Colors,” and “Ghost” in case you’re wondering), but I added them to my playlist during my commute after the show because I have a new appreciation for them after watching them come alive on that stage.

Halsey is one of those musicians who makes you feel as though you can do absolutely anything, and that was the mood in the arena last night. She admitted that being in Brooklyn is a lot of pressure, because it’s like home.

She shouldn’t worry, because she smashed that pressure to pieces and took us to another place last night.

For tickets and tour dates, visit Halsey’s official website. Buy hopeless fountain kingdom on iTunes here.

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