Album Review: Fifth Harmony’s Self-Titled Third Album

Fifth Harmony is back with their third album, and this time they’re in uncharted territory. Fifth member Camila Cabello left the group last year, leaving Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Ally with the challenge of redefining their sound in the aftermath.

If anyone assumed that losing a member would leave the group weak, you were very wrong. Fifth Harmony had some strong singles as a five-piece, but their music hasn’t skipped a beat.

The album opens up with their single “Down,” featuring Gucci Mane. It’s fun to dance to, but I can’t deny that it sounds all too similar to their previous singles.

I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy “He Like That,” but the pre-chorus onwards is a lot of fun with its bouncy, island-tinged rhythm. True to the group’s name, the harmonies are fantastic.

The music video is definitely not for the faint of heart, y’all.

“Make You Mad” and “Deliver” are great examples of mid-tempo songs that allow their vocals to shine. They were both immediate favorites for me.

It’s well-known that 5H can make you dance, but I was really looking forward to when they slowed things down on this album (“Write On Me” from their sophomore album still deserves a lot more credit). “Don’t Say You Love Me” came through with exactly what I needed! It can be considered a mid-tempo to an extent, but it has some elements of a ballad too. It’s beautiful.

“Messy” surprised me. I’m not usually too fond of samples, but they made this one their own and it’s in my top 5 on this album.

“Bridges” is really the ballad that I was looking for. It’s perfect, from lyric to beat and the message is extremely relevant.

I think it’s fair to say that I enjoyed this album much more than their previous two. Here’s to the new era.

Buy Fifth Harmony on iTunes here. Fifth Harmony are touring in South America, Australia, and Asia at the end of the year. For dates and ticket information, check their official website.

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