Album Review: Night & Day (Night Edition) by The Vamps

The Vamps are back with album number three, Night & Day (Night Edition)! Let me begin by saying that I did enjoy their second, Wake Up, but their debut album will forever hold the top place in my heart. I appreciate the way that they’ve matured over the years, but I just cannot let go of Meet The Vamps.

Night & Day starts out strong with one of my favorite singles that they’ve released so far, “Middle of the Night.” It’s a winner on all fronts, from the beat to vocals to the lyrics. (Plus, the music video is fantastic.)

“Hands” is such a great song–it’s a little provocative and perfectly put together. Sabrina Lynn features on the song alongside The Vamps, and she has some surprisingly strong vocals. I’m impressed.

I am all about “Paper Hearts”–Brad’s voice always shines in the ballads, and it reminded me of “Another World” from their debut album.

“Sad Song” is a pleasant surprise, with its simple, beautiful instrumental and the fun twist in the beat during the chorus.

They manage to maintain their core sound with this album, like they did with Wake Up, but they also experiment with some new sounds here. The electronic sound is more pronounced in a few songs, like “Shades On.” I can’t say I’m a fan of this song, although the beat is a fun one. “All Night” is a much more superior electronic song, where Brad’s talent for runs is balanced equally with a beat that’s a whole lot of fun when played live.

My main complaint with this album is that I wish it were longer, but that just means I get to treasure these tracks even more.

Buy Night & Day on iTunes here. The Vamps are on tour in the UK (I’m impatiently waiting for those U.S. dates, y’all!), and you can check out ticket information on their official website.

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