Album Review: hopeless fountain kingdom by Halsey

Halsey has this gift of painting really vivid scenes with her lyrics, which is one of the reasons I became a fan with Badlands, and hopeless fountain kingdom is no different.

This ode to Shakespeare’s infamous Romeo & Juliet is a real work of art in itself. Each song unfolds into its own alternative pop world of smoky vocals and raw emotion.

The sound does remind me of her debut album, but not in a negative way, and it also stands on its own through her clear evolution as a singer and songwriter. There’s a confidence in the production, the melodies, and the lyrics that will surely make this album an experience once it hits the stage.

“Now or Never” was a strong introductory single to hopeless fountain kingdom, with its urgent, relatable desperation and dynamic beat.

It’s not easy to follow up a great single like that with an equally great project that’s cohesive and beautiful, but songs like “100 Letters,” “Alone,” and “Heaven in Hiding” do just that with what seems to be no effort.

Halsey seems to be an artist who has amassed a following of fervent, misguided haters, and this is why.

She’s really good at what she does.

She has a beautiful, distinctive voice and knows how to create music that tugs on the deepest parts of you, with lyrics that are so simple but also have so much beneath their surface.

No sophomore slump for her. Halsey has knocked this right out of the park.

Buy hopeless fountain kingdom by Halsey on iTunes now. She’s also going on tour; check out cities and ticket information on her official website.

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