Album Review: American Teen by Khalid

If you weren’t obsessed with “Location” by Khalid the second that you heard it…I’m sorry. There may be something wrong with you. Or with your music taste, anyway.

Khalid has catapulted to success within the past year or so, and for good reason. He’s one talented teenager.

American Teen is his debut album and it really introduces us to his strengths as a singer and songwriter.

I needed Khalid’s level of soul in my life. Each song feels deeply personal, whether intentional or not, and the vibe created by the straight-up beautiful production is practically hypnotic throughout the album.

“Location” is a favorite, naturally, but so are songs like “Saved” and “8TEEN”; the latter has a dreamy, driving with your windows down quality that I really enjoy.

I love when an album feels like journal entries that the artist decided to share with the world, and Khalid has struck that chord with American Teen.

To make things even cooler, his beats are so multi-faceted–from R&B to hip-hop to a taste of electronic, he nails some impressive diversity to accompany his lyrics.

A track from this album, “Let’s Go,” is also featured on the Everything Everything soundtrack, a new YA film adaptation, based on the novel by Nicola Yoon, that is amazing. Check out my review of Everything Everything movie here if you’re curious.

Buy American Teen by Khalid on iTunes now. He’s headed out on tour this month; check out dates and ticket information on his official website.


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