Album Review: Harry Styles’ Self-Titled Debut

Where has Harry Styles been hiding this inner indie musician all this time?! He’s the third One Direction member to formally launch a solo career, and he’s the second one to completely blow me away.

Harry’s were always my favorite set of vocals in the group, so I’m not surprised that I like his album. He’s also always been a bit of an old soul, so the sound that he’s chosen isn’t a surprise either.

I would describe Harry Styles as a little bit of the Beatles and a hint of ’70s/’80s rock mixed in with some haunting soul.

What I love most about the album is that the songs manage to blend well together, while also standing on their own to tell their own individual stories.

The lyrical content is fantastic–each song pushes you to listen over and over, to think about what he’s singing and find your perspective on it.

He’s provocative in the lyrics without being overt about it, which I think is a skill that more songwriters need to grasp in this era.

The top four songs for me are “Carolina, “Only Angel,” “Kiwi,” and “Woman.”

“Woman” deserves some real praise–its beat is intricate, a mesh of instruments and masterful production, and the lyrics have a mournful beauty. And that GUITAR. My goodness.

This is my formal request for “Woman” to be his next single. I need a music video.

Harry Styles is available for purchase on iTunes now.

Harry announced his first solo world tour earlier this month; all of the dates seem to already be sold out, but try your luck with tour dates at his official website.

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