Album Review: Divide by Ed Sheeran

It took me WAY too long to give Divide by Ed Sheeran the attention it deserves. I’ve been a devoted Sheerio since his debut album, so this is just a shame. Forgive me, y’all.

“Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” were two very strong introductory singles to this album, so I had high expectations.

“Eraser” is an amazing ode to songs like “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” and “Don’t” from his past two albums, where he showed us all that you should not underestimate the white guy from England–he can spit some bars (and write them himself, too!).

I have a real love for “Castle on the Hill” with its beautiful rendition of the way our lives intertwine with those of our friends; if we’re lucky, we meet some real, genuine people along this winding road called life.

“Dive” is an instant favorite. Man, Ed can write a love song that winds its way into your very soul. It also has a country edge that I really enjoy, even though I’m not usually into that genre.

“Galway Girl” has a fun vibe to it, and his lyrical delivery is so entertaining. The instrumentals in the background are stunning and relevant to the subject of the song. “New Man” has a similar vibe; it’s classic Ed, with its pop/rock beat and those catchy lyrics.

“What Do I Know?” is a message of positive vibes that we need now more than ever — it’s about the power of music, love, what really matters in this life.

As Ed explained after he disappeared for an entire year, he spent his time away from technology and explored the world with his girlfriend and other loved ones, and I think this album reflects that. There are clear influences from different cultures in the beats of several songs, including “Bibia Be Ye Ye”and “Nancy Mulligan,” which gives this a dynamic edge that his previous albums didn’t have.

I’m excited to hear Divide come alive in a venue later this year!

Buy Divide by Ed Sheeran on iTunes here.

Check out Ed’s official website for information about his Divide world tour.

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