Live Show Review: JoJo’s Mad Love Tour in NYC

JoJo’s Mad Love tour did not surprise me one bit.

It was just as amazing as I thought it would be.

Craig Stickland and Stanaj opened up for the pop powerhouse at Irving Plaza on May 4, 2017, the second night at the venue in less than a week.

Craig opened up the show and gave me immediate James Bay vibes. The Canadian singer’s vocals calm your soul and will have you feeling emotions you can’t even name.

The highlight of his set was an incredible cover of Drake’s “One Dance.” I never would have imagined it done with a guitar, but it left the crowd cheering their lungs out. He managed to make it his own with seemingly no effort, and I couldn’t help being really impressed by that.

I may have geeked out a little when it was time for Stanaj’s set. Ever since hearing “Ain’t Love Strange” over the radio late last year, I’ve been hooked.

Check out my review of Stanaj’s newest EP, From A Distance, here.

He opened with “Bad Woman,” which is one of my favorites on From A Distance. Anyone in the crowd who wasn’t familiar with this man’s effortless range was undoubtedly left with their jaws on the floor once the song was over.

As someone who has been listening to both EPs on repeat for quite awhile, I can tell you that the recorded versions are flawless.

But live? I almost didn’t want his set to end. His vocals fought their way over the music and wrapped around that venue in a way that words cannot do justice.

And then the main attraction sauntered onstage.

Where do I even begin?

JoJo has come a long way, as she has said publicly many, many times. However, it is never more obvious than in the humble and powerfully confident way in which she dominates that stage.

From her unapologetically real performance of “F.A.B.” to her sultry performance of “High Heels” (with the lucky fan who got a lap dance) to her emotional and beautiful performance of “Music,” it was hard to take your attention away from JoJo for even a moment.

Check out my review of Mad Love by JoJo here.

Then, of course, there were the throwbacks that none of us would have left without.

“Get Out,” “Too Little Too Late,” and “Baby It’s You” had us all screaming the lyrics until we were hoarse. The venue itself felt like it had a pulse as we all relived our preteen and teenage years for a few minutes right along with her.

I would also discuss how Stanaj came back onstage to perform “Say Love” with JoJo, but honestly, my feels would overwhelm me and I would never post this. All I will say is that if you missed it, it sucks for you!


The best part of the entire night was how much the atmosphere of that show lived up to the name of the album.

Live Show Review: JoJo's Mad Love Tour In NYC

There was nothing but pure, mad love for JoJo, her music, and the experience we were all sharing for a couple of hours in a venue in Lower Manhattan.

I can’t wait to see what else she has for us.

JoJo still has a few tour dates left on the Mad Love tour between the United States and Canada. Check out date and ticket info at her official website.

Buy Mad Love on iTunes if you haven’t already (I’ll forgive you for catching on this late–I’m sure she will too).

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