Live Show Review: Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman Tour

Ariana Grande brought her Dangerous Woman Tour to Madison Square Garden in New York City for two nights, February 23rd and 24th, and what a show she put on.

I love that this tour was radiating girl power. Victoria Monet and Little Mix kicked things off.

I didn’t know much about Victoria before the tour, but she managed to dominate the stage with just her vocals and choreography, and I’ll definitely be checking out her music.

Anyone who doesn’t already know and love Little Mix really needs to get their life in order, because this is a POWERHOUSE girl group. Harmonies, vocal range, choreography, chemistry…they have it all, and it made for one hell of an opening.

Not only did we get to hear the entire Dangerous Woman album, but Ariana also treated us to a medley of throwbacks — “Problem,” “Love Me Harder,” “One Last Time,” “Bang Bang,” and “Break Free.”

I’ve been obsessed with this album since its release, so I had high expectations. She really came into her own with Dangerous Woman, and there’s an emphasis on something she does extremely well: owning her sexuality and identity as a woman.

Ariana didn’t disappoint. Her live vocals were impressive enough to cause an audible “Oh my God” in response. Make no mistake, the girl can SING.

Read my album review of Dangerous Woman here. [Note: A few of the songs I didn’t like when writing the album review have since become some of my favorites.]

Her choreography was fun to watch as well. She’s come a long way with her ability to keep up with the dance moves while balancing her breathing so she can still hit those high notes.

My favorite choreography had to be the one for “Be Alright,” which incorporated Voguing and probably made the audience wish they were onstage vibing with her.

Another stand-out moment was the montage before she performed “Side to Side.” On the screen, Ariana posed in a series of images, each one captioned with a word or phrase: Empowered. Raw. Sensual. Soft. Not Asking For It.

The final slide said “female,” eliciting cheers from the entire arena. That was such a great moment to include in the show. Female empowerment is always relevant.

The production complemented each song in the show so well, from the lighting to the images shown on the screen and projected onto the stage.

It’s clear that a lot of hard work and planning went into this show, but it managed not to be over-the-top in any way. Her vocals were the highlight, but weren’t the only notable aspect of the show.

She could have played MSG for a week straight, and I would have happily gone to every night (and then ended up homeless, but I digress).

I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for the next album.

For info and tickets for the Dangerous Woman Tour, visit Ariana Grande’s official website.

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