EP Review: From A Distance By Stanaj

Gonna send your body flyin’, but before you know you’re lyin’ on the ground
“Bad Woman” 

Look out – Stanaj is coming for your feelings yet again with his second EP, From A Distance.

His first EP, The Preview, was all sorts of swoon-worthy (anyone who follows my social media is well aware of how much I adore “Ain’t Love Strange”), and From A Distance has its share of swoon as well.

From A Distance stands out from its predecessor, though, with a little more edge to its rhythm, combined with those vocals you’re guaranteed to fall in love with if you haven’t already.

Stanaj has those soaring notes on lock, which he demonstrates in “Bad Woman.” With the bounce in its beat, that’s going to be a fun song to vibe to when he takes it to the stage.

Then, he’s got the ballads — “Meant To Be” and “Find Me.” The latter is my favorite, centering on a dreamy instrumental and soft vocals that are sure to trigger your emotions.

“Changed” has a cool indie pop sound, a mix of guitar and bubbly synth. The harmonies in this one are beautiful, and make you want to sing along.

The remix to “Romantic,” a track from The Preview, is pure gold. The rhythm of the remix matches the lyrical beauty of the song, and you really can’t ask for more than that.

Stanaj is going on tour with JoJo, opening for her during the U.S. dates starting next month. Check out dates and ticket info for the Mad Love tour here.

Check out my review of JoJo’s Mad Love album here.

If you haven’t let “Ain’t Love Strange” take over your life yet, it’s about time. Check out the music video below:

Buy From A Distance on iTunes here.

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