Album Review: SweetSexySavage By Kehlani

I wanna be better than I was, better than I am.
– “Thank You”

Kehlani’s new album is finally here, and SweetSexySavage takes you into an R&B wonderland from the first song, “Keep On.”

Her lyrical skill is as strong as ever, so relatable and clever that it’s almost physically painful (in a good way).

One of the most appealing things about Kehlani (other than those CRZY vocals of hers) is how real she is in her music. Anyone who’s seen an interview with her knows she’s authentic and honest in person, but to have that translate so perfectly to her music is a real gift.

This album feels like a diary of different phases, each song standing tall with a message of its own.

“Peace Of Mind” is a great snapshot of what it’s like to separate yourself from something (or someone) that isn’t healthy for you.

Prepare yourself for the straight=up magical singing/rapping combination that is “Personal.” The emotions are strong in this one, but so is Kehlani’s message of putting herself first.

My Top 5: Escape, Distraction, Do U Dirty, Peace Of Mind, Get Like

The production is amazing — vibrant and dynamic rhythms that will have you moving before you even realize it.

I’m all for her more uptempo bops, but “Escape” is the “You Should Be Here” ballad of this album. The vocals are beautiful, of course, and the beat reminds me of old-school Mariah Carey.

Just listen to a track like “In My Feelings” — wondering why on earth you’re still spending time on him? Or her? You can relate.

She’s so self-aware and unafraid to go into those dark corners, pull some reflections out, and write a fantastic song.

Kehlani somehow managed to remind us of her old sound while also taking it to the next level, and I can’t really describe that in any way other than insane.

Buy SweetSexySavage on iTunes here.

Catch Kehlani on her SweetSexySavage tour starting next month!

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