Book Review: Blue by Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel has written too many novels to count, so it’s absolutely no surprise that she knows exactly what to do when it comes to tugging on the heartstrings. Blue is no different.

Ginny has dedicated her life to improving the lives of women and children in war-torn countries. Her New York City apartment is barely lived-in; she’s gone for nine months out of the year, and refuses to acknowledge holidays.

A tragic loss in her past has pushed her to ignore her own life and focus on healing others as much as she possibly can. And then Blue walks into her life.

The bond between a broken woman and an equally broken homeless teenager may just be the thing that saves them both.

Ginny and Blue forge the kind of pure, beautiful relationship that the world desperately needs more of, and experiencing the stories unfold was such a pleasure.


“Life is made up of special moments, moments of joy, or of sorrow, of great good fortune, incredible thoughtfulness, moments you never forget, and that impact an entire lifetime, moments you treasure.”
– Blue, Author’s Note

It’s surely a rollercoaster — when trust has to be built between two people with harsh pasts, that’s just par for the course — but one I would gladly read again and again.

As usual, Danielle’s characters are well-rounded and she creates a world that it’s easy to get lost in, not to mention she touches on a painfully real scenario in young Blue’s past that bring the world into perspective.

This novel is yet another story by Danielle told well, and its roots in realism only make it even better.

Blue by Danielle Steel is available for purchase now.

Rating: 5/5

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