Album Review: DNCE’s Self-Titled Debut

“You say that you hate it here / So why don’t we disappear?”
– DNCE, “Zoom”

DNCE (Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee) have released their self-titled debut, and it’s as addicting as expected.

The album opens with bouncy track “DNCE,” which is some kind of fantastic disco and pop mixture that you won’t be able to sit down for.

“Body Moves” is their most recent single, a borderline-NSFW dance track with the most heaven-sent beat. The vocals and harmonies are spectacular.

“Cake By The Ocean” is as perfect as it was when the group invaded radio with the debut single. It’s creative, bouncy, and made for karaoke.

“Almost” is a beautiful ballad where the guitar shines throughout the instrumental, competing with Joe’s heartfelt vocals for my affection.


“Truthfully” is another shining slow jam, sweet and soulful.

DNCE jump right back into their specialty with the sensual, uptempo “Be Mean,” which boasts a beat that will have you from the first chord. This is a club hit for sure.


“Zoom” deserves recognition if just for the fun high notes throughout the chorus.

“Pay My Rent” was on the band’s 2015 EP, Swaay, and it continues to shine with its infectious, bubbly beat and clever lyricism.

“Unsweet” hovers somewhere between a ballad and a club jam, fun enough to move to and still sweet (ironically) enough to relate to its love story.

I love this group’s flavor of edgy pop, and I can only imagine how much fun this album is going to be on tour.

Watch my favorite music video from DNCE, “Toothbrush,” below.

Buy DNCE on iTunes here.

For tickets and dates for DNCE’s headline tour next year, visit their official website.

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