Album Review: 24K Magic by Bruno Mars

“Pick up the phone / ‘Cause all this lovin’ needs a home”
– Bruno Mars, “Calling All My Lovelies”

Bruno Mars has finally returned with his new album, after a year under the radar. As usual, he’s brought magic with him — 24K Magic to be exact.

The album starts out with the lead single, “24K Magic,” essentially “Uptown Funk” part two. That isn’t an insult, by the way! No one does an ’80s/’90s throwback like Bruno Mars does, and he’s just reminding you with this smoothly-produced funk track.


Speaking of smooth, “Chunky” is the same, from vocals to beat. Hopefully he doesn’t get any flack for the subject matter, since he clearly means it in a complimentary way, but it gets an A+ from me!

“That’s What I Like” and “Versace on the Floor” are R&B gold, and I’m not even sure I can describe them any better than that. Once he starts those beautiful vocals runs towards the end of “That’s What I Like,” you may end up on the floor sweating. Fair warning.


“Calling All My Lovelies” is such a clever way of showing off Bruno’s flair for the dramatic — and those heavenly vocals of his.


“Finesse” is old-school hip-hop with Bruno Mars swagger, and it’s way too much fun from start to finish.

“Too Good To Say Goodbye” finishes things off with a soulful breakup story, complete with expressive harmonies and runs.

Once again, Bruno reminds us that he is way too cool for this decade, much less this planet.

Buy 24K Magic on iTunes here.

For dates and tickets to Bruno Mars’ tour next year, check out his official website.

Check out the music video for “24K Magic” below.

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