Album Review: Unfinished Business by Nathan Sykes


Just look at me now, I’m free to fly
– Nathan Sykes, “There’s Only One Of You”

Nathan Sykes has released his highly-anticipated solo album, Unfinished Business, and there are a few songs on there that show some real promise for him as a solo artist.

I’ve been familiar with his soul-shattering vocals since his time as a member of British-Irish boyband The Wanted, so his ability to command notes on this album is not surprising at all.

Nathan has mentioned his vocal influences before, but the ’70s and ’80s R&B throwbacks are undeniable here. He does a fantastic job of paying homage to the artists before him while showcasing his own skills, all without making it a cheap imitation of classic music.

The ballads stand out on the album; his vocals shine bright and the lyrics are pretty breathtaking.

His piano-accompanied crooning on “I Can’t Be Mad” will break your heart even if you have absolutely no reason to feel that way; it’s beautiful from start to finish.

“Famous” is another beauty, earnest and sweet. His connection to the song is clear when he performs it live — it was one of the songs he performed on Alessia Cara’s Know-It-All Tour earlier this year.

“Give It Up” is my favorite on this album — it has a beat that just won’t quit, vocals that take me back to the R&B I grew up on, and a smooth verse from G-Eazy that may actually be life-changing.

I feel the same way about the beat and vocals on “More Than You’ll Ever Know,” “Burn Me Down,” and “Taken.”

“I’ll Remember You” is another that I have to show appreciation for — I love the way the song builds with each passing minute, in both emotion and rhythm.

The style of music that Nathan enjoys immersing himself in has been presented clearly with Unfinished Business, but I’m looking forward to him branching out in the future and really showing us what he can do.

Buy Unfinished Business on iTunes here.

For more on Nathan Sykes, visit his official website.

Check out the music video for my favorite single, “Give It Up,” below.


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