Interview: Friends Of Foes Talk New Single, 4Walls

Saskatoon-based band Friends of Foes (Matthew Stinn, Danielle Huot, and Keegan Stretch) released their latest single, “4Walls,” on November 18. Its gentle instrumentals paired with Danielle’s clear, heartfelt vocals would be perfectly fit to an indie film soundtrack.

The trio are in a new era, with “4Walls” being their first single since Danielle came on as lead vocalist.

Danielle and Keegan (drummer) recently gave me a little insight into Friends of Foes–why “4Walls” became a single, what’s most unique about their band, and what they have planned for the New Year.

How did Friends of Foes come together?

Keegan Stretch: Friends of Foes started three years ago while Matt and I were in another band together. He came to me one day with some guitar riffs that didn’t fit the current style of music we were playing, so we decided to start a new band. We then wrote a list of possible bassists and singers we’d like to jam with, and ended up finding people right away. Fast forward a couple years later and you have our current lineup.

What have you learned about yourselves as a band from touring Canada and trying to get your name out there?

KS: I suppose I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to get your name out there, and that we’re willing to commit fully to doing it.

Danielle Huot: I’ve learned that once you’re on that stage, that’s your only opportunity to capture the attention of your audience. We have to give 100% at every show and hope that all new listeners enjoy the performance enough to want to see us again.

Why did you choose “4Walls” as your latest single?

DH: We felt like it was the right song to follow “Monarch,” which was the last single released. It has a similar vibe, but also shows our fans a certain amount of growth in song style.

KS: We have a batch of about five new finished songs right now and a couple more unfinished ones. “4Walls” is the song that felt the most together instrumentally while having great vocals that draw you in over time. The song also feels like a good progression from “Monarch.”

What do you think is the most unique aspect of your music?

KS: Maybe the most unique thing about our music is that we really push to have every song sound different. We try to constantly come up with new ways things can develop over the course of a song.

DH: We try to maintain a certain overall sound while making sure every song is completely different from one another. There are many parts that will take you by surprise because they aren’t where you’d expect the song to go, but it ends up being just as catchy.

2016 wraps up in a few weeks. What are you most looking forward to for Friends of Foes in 2017?

DH: Mostly just having the opportunity to tour some more and have brand new material to show people. We get together quite often and are continuously either improving things and/or beginning something new. We’ve done so much already and I can’t see us slowing down.

KS: Honestly, a chance to keep playing more shows on the road and to keep writing. Since Danielle is a new addition to our band, we’re still trying to showcase her to some degree. That means we’re working hard on new material to get her voice out to people.

What was the last song you heard that really inspired you?

DH: That’s actually a tough one. I’m constantly finding new music that pushes my creative side to new heights, but one that definitely stood out was called “Two Weeks” by FKA Twigs.

KS: Royal Canoe – “Holidays.” That song really makes me want to be a better drummer.

Thank you to Keegan and Danielle for taking the time to chat! For more on Friends of Foes, visit their official website. On social media, check out the band’s official Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.


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