Birthday Album Review: Purpose by Justin Bieber

“Let’s end each other’s lonely nights / Be each other’s paradise / Need a picture for my frame / Someone to share my reign”
– Justin Bieber, “Company”

Time flies — Justin Bieber’s highly-anticipated Purpose album dropped one year ago today.

Not only are the album’s singles STILL being certified diamond and platinum, Justin has also solidified himself as a more mature pop star with something real to say.

(Those of us who have been with him for the past few years already knew what he was capable of, but shout-out to the former haters who have FINALLY seen the light.)

The energy on this album has escalated from the My World and Believe days. Justin has lived a little more, experiencing the ups and downs of being one of the biggest male artists on the planet.

He used those experiences and turned them into pop/R&B that listeners of all ages are still jamming to.

We can talk about the superior production on Purpose, but I think the real stand-out is how clever and soul-searching the lyrics in each song are.

Even “Sorry,” the album’s first single, manages to have this bouncy, club-perfect beat while still telling the real story of putting your pride aside and apologizing to the person you’ve hurt.

“I’ll Show You” speaks loudly and honestly for itself — his perspective of what it’s like to be constantly scrutinized, and how he’s using that to progress musically and personally.

He’s always been pretty good at lyrics with meaning, but Purpose took that to a new level and even a year later, I’m still appreciating it.

Justin’s still here and better than ever. Happy Birthday to Purpose, one of the best albums of the past year.

Favorite song: This changes fairly often, but it’s somewhere between “Company,” “No Sense,” and “The Feeling.”
Most underrated song: “We Are” featuring Nas. Why? First of all, he did a song with Nas, which was surprising for me. And then it turned into a seriously pleasant surprise. It’s a painfully honest song, and could’ve been featured on his best project to date–Journals.
Favorite videos:

“Mark My Words” (Purpose: The Movement)

“Sorry/Company” live at Billboard Music Awards 2016

“Company” music video

Buy Purpose on iTunes here.



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