Album Review: Mad Love. by JoJo

“I’ve been down in the trenches / You would know it / But you don’t pay attention”
– JoJo, “FAB.”

JoJo’s highly-anticipated third album is here, and I’ve got nothing but Mad Love for it. (That’s my first and last awful pun, I promise.)

JoJo kicks things off on Mad Love with some serious soul. “Music” feels like a proper introduction–here’s the journey she’s been on up to this point, and prepare yourself for what she’s about to say on the rest of this album.

When I say you will FEEL the emotion in her every lyric on “Music,” I don’t exaggerate. And once the high notes begin, you may actually need a stretcher.

JoJo brought Alessia Cara on for “I Can Only,” and it’s brilliant. It’s pop with a complex edge, and a message women should be shouting from the rooftops. I knew JoJo and Alessia would be a powerful duo, but they didn’t hesitate to prove it.

Her album is raw and feels so comfortable. There are times when you can tell an artist wasn’t 100% true to themselves with a project, but as I’m jamming to this album, it feels as if JoJo is having a real and true conversation with me through these songs.

Mad Love delivers it all–killer harmonies, genuine lyricism, and complex, fun beats to vibe to. The live experience is probably going to be even better…

She’s planning to hit the road for a headline tour at some point next year, so stay tuned to JoJo’s official website.

Favorite tracks:

  1. Music.
  2. I Can Only. 
  3. Mad Love.
  4. Edibles.
  5. High Heels

Check out this great interview with JoJo on the Zach Sang Show:


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