Live Show Review: Jake Miller Overnight Release Party x Highline Ballroom

Jake Miller held two release parties for his newest EP, Overnight, one in L.A. and one in NYC. Both shows sold out in a matter of minutes.

Read my review of Overnight by Jake Miller here.

Last night (Oct. 10), Highline Ballroom was packed with Millertary–some who have been there from the beginning, some who have just joined the army, and everything in between.

Two good friends of his, CADE and Bryan J, opened the show.

CADE got my attention with a pop spin on Mario’s “Let Me Love You,” while Bryan J let out some jaw-dropping falsettos during his brand new songs, which don’t seem to be available anywhere online yet (this is actually stressing me out a bit, but I guess I can wait…).

Jake’s hour-long set was all about high energy and good music. My first Jake Miller show was last year during the Dazed and Confused Tour, at Playstation Theater, and that was a ton of fun, but he was on a different level last night.

He seemed so genuinely happy to be onstage, and especially excited to have everyone support Overnight.

I’ll admit, I went into the show not exactly loving the EP, because I’d become such a huge fan of his rapping. He can sing, for sure, but I was still clinging to the old.

However, I kid you not, I left Highline last night with a new appreciation for his new sound and decided to listen to Overnight on the train again. New elements of those songs came out while he performed them, plus his energy was just so infectious.

Fun facts: “Overnight” was my favorite performance of the night, and the music video is coming soon–starring Team USA gold medal gymnast Simone Biles. I can’t WAIT.

He played some throwbacks throughout the set as well: “A Million Lives,” “Like Me,” “Hollywood,” “First Flight Home,” and tracks from his Lion Heart and Rumors EPs. (“Dazed and Confused” and “Selfish Girls” had everyone vibing; it was amazing.)

The covers were some of the best parts of the night. He covered “One Dance” by Drake on guitar, and “Candyman” by Zedd and Aloe Blacc. “Candyman” was SUCH a good choice–he and Aloe could probably do a collaboration that would blow everyone out of the water.

Spoiler alert: Jake announced last night that he’s going on tour in early 2017, so start saving! (NYC, he might be hitting Playstation Theater again.)

For more on Jake Miller, visit his official website. Buy Overnight on iTunes here.

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