Album Review: Oh My My by OneRepublic

“I found some new elevation. Might just be my ‘magination. People can dream.”
– OneRepublic, “Dream”

OneRepublic (Zach Filkins, Drew Brown, Eddie Fisher, Brent Kutzle) are back with their fourth album, Oh My My.

Most of it is a familiar feel-good sound from the much-beloved band. Like a few other bands in the industry, OneRepublic’s light never quite fades, even when they fell off the grid for months to country-hop as they recorded their new album.

As the band of five have said, they’re constantly inspired by life and its ups and downs when writing, and the music reflects that completely. It’s rare that OneRepublic releases an album where you can’t relate to at least one song.

I especially like “Dream,” with its edgy rock beat and its fast-paced lyricism. The inspiration behind it is one I love as well.

“A.I.” has a bouncy, futuristic vibe that’s pretty different for OneRepublic, but a lot of fun. It features Peter Gabriel, so the idea of a more progressive sound here makes sense. It blends well with the theme; after all, the title does stand for Artificial Intelligence.

The album’s two singles, “Wherever I Go” and “Kids” are vibrant and catchy, staying true to OneRepublic’s ability to make a meaningful song easy to jam to.

“Heaven” is an appropriate track for the final song, since the soaring high notes are absolutely going to take you to church. It’s a fitting end to the album–y’know, because your soul, so overwhelmed by happiness, will have left your body by then…

Lyrical inspiration, lead singer Ryan Tedder said, came from two fellow songwriters in the industry. “Ed Sheeran influenced a few songs in terms of how I approached the lyrics. Bono made me question everything, try and beat every lyric, be more brutal,” he told BBC.

Buy Oh My My by OneRepublic on iTunes here.

Fingers crossed they’ll announce a tour within the next few months; stay up to date on that info on OneRepublic’s official website.

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