Music Video Review: Comfortable by HAWKING

Vancouver-based alternative/indie band HAWKING (Tom Vanderkam, Saul Sitar, Chris Young, and Chartwell Kerr) bring a powerfully addicting rock sound and raw, expressive vocals with their music, and the latest single, “Comfortable,” is no different.

They debuted the “Comfortable” music video with AXS over the summer, which subtly explores the song’s themes of loneliness, loss, and fear. The emotional distress of the video’s female lead reflects the song’s instrumental as the video progresses, making it an almost eerily accurate visual of just what goes on in our heads when we’re dealing with loss.

“Broadly, ‘Comfortable’ is about having someone or something you love taken away from you. Whether that’s a breakup or the death/deterioration of a family member or whatever, we’ve all known our own version of that pain, I think. That’s why I wanted this to be the single. I feel very at home playing and singing it, so I hoped other people might feel at home listening to it,” Tom, lead vocalist, told AXS.

HAWKING have been grinding for years, touring like crazy across Canada. They also played some shows here in the U.S last year, which is how I first ran into them.

Watch the music video for “Comfortable” below.

For more on HAWKING, visit their official website. Their single “Comfortable” is available for purchase here.

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