Live Show Review: Know-It-All Tour Part II x Alessia Cara at Radio City Music Hall

Alessia Cara lived a dream on Tuesday night (Oct. 4) by performing at Radio City Music Hall for the NYC date of her Know-It-All Tour Part II.

The entire night was a dream, really. Former The Wanted member Nathan Sykes and fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Ruth B opened for her, and both of them were fun to watch, especially since they both seemed to love being up on that stage so much. It was beautiful.

The 20-year-old lit up the stage with her impressive vocals and inspiring, positive attitude. She performed her entire debut album, Know-It-All, with the stand-out performances being “Scars To Your Beautiful,” “Stone,” “Four Pink Walls,” and “Here.”

She opened with “I’m Yours,” which happens to be my favorite track on the album. Alessia’s lyrical intricacies never fail to impress on any song she writes, and I think “I’m Yours” is a testament to the talent she has for putting words together in ways none of us might ever think of.

For “Stone,” she brought out her collaborator, singer/songwriter Sebastian Kole, who also performed a brief set earlier that night. Together, their vocals soared to the ceiling as they sang about the one person they run to when the world feels like it’s falling to pieces.

“Four Pink Walls” is a teen anthem, minus the crippling angst. The crowd came alive during this song, as they did during several others throughout the night. Alessia’s life has certainly moved far beyond those four walls of her bedroom since “Here” launched her to stardom.

“Scars To Your Beautiful” is yet another lyrical blessing, and one with a message women (and, as Alessia pointed out onstage. men) need to hear and repeat to themselves every day. Before singing, Alessia played a video submission from a fan who wrote a moving poem about choosing life when her insecurities tempted her to do otherwise.

[Credit: Fanatic Reviews Blog]
“Here” was the finale (before the encore), fittingly. That is how she came into our lives after all, and Alessia fans everywhere are probably grateful for it. She added a new verse to the song during the set, which made everyone completely lose it. Yasss, girl!

I left Radio City after her show feeling in the depths of my soul that this young woman has something special, and that if she can leave even the tiniest positive imprint on an industry that’s so unhealthily obsessed with image and competition, we’ll all be much better off for it.

That’s certainly what Alessia aims to do, as she told Billboard for the website’s pre-Grammy feature. Alessia is a strong contender for Best New Artist at the Grammys next year, and she did the interview alongside Chance the Rapper and Maren Morris.

“I’d like to shut off all the noise and allow people to be creative without all the judgments and standards that we think we have to follow,” Alessia said when asked what she would change in society. “The bar is set so high for women, and it doesn’t really exist for men.”

Amen, sister.

For info on her upcoming tour dates and tickets, visit Alessia Cara’s official website. You can also enter here for two tickets and a chance to meet Alessia.

Buy Know-It-All on iTunes here.


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