EP Review: us by gnash

Love is when all your happiness and all your sadness and all your feelings are dependent upon another person. So, I guess I love you.
– gnash, “u just can’t be replaced”

Gnash’s us EP is a breath of fresh air to the music world, if you ask me. The seven songs in this project are, simply put, poetry.

“i hate u, i love you” is the most popular song from this EP, gaining radio recognition and both gold and platinum certifications. The song is a A Great Big World-level of melancholy, with the potential to make you cry even as you’re nodding along in agreement because it’s exactly how you’ve felt before. Or even how you’re feeling now.

His lyrics are simple and direct, giving listeners the impression that gnash (whose real name is Garrett Nash) wrote a lot of the content for this song down in a journal and went from there.

In fact, based on an interview he did recently with The Zach Sang Show, that might have been exactly what he did. Gnash said his father inspired him at an early age to express his feelings, to speak up when he felt a certain way.

The first thing I do when I feel anything is I write it down on paper, and I just free write as much of it as I can to get it out of me. Because I don’t want it in here anymore, I want it somewhere else so that I can look at it and either say, ‘Wow, I’m being ridiculous.’ Or ‘Oh, this is something that is actually affecting me in my day-to-day life.’ If the feeling doesn’t seem to leave my body after I write it down, then I usually take it to the next step of turning that into a song.

Every song on this EP reflects that creative process so well. There’s a raw honesty in every inch of it, from the conversation between a couple struggling to make it work on “u just can’t be replaced” to the earnest “get well soon.”

As gnash rightfully said on Zach Sang, his music doesn’t fit into any particular bucket. It’s a range of creativity and genre, and that’s one of the things that makes it fantastic.

Gnash starts a fall tour in September — for ticket info and dates for the u, me, and us tour, check out his official website.

Buy us by gnash on iTunes here.

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