EP Review: Jordan Fisher’s Self-Titled Debut

Askin’ me questions / Where were you? / Probably doing the same / Things you do / Askin’ me questions / Got a few / Say the word right now
 – Jordan Fisher, “Counterfeit”

There was no doubt about Jordan Fisher’s talent when I first heard “All About Us,” his debut single.

A la Bruno Mars, he’s got this smooth voice that sounds like it belongs in another decade. His EP, Jordan Fisher, is an R&B lover’s dream, with a hint of pop. The production and vocals could not be more perfect.

The stand-out on this EP is probably “All I Wanna Do.” It’s sultry and damn near hypnotic. For someone so young, he seems to know exactly how to perfect the old school homage while still being unique in his vocal delivery.

“The thing that I’m most excited about where this EP is concerned is the different dimensions that represent what the album will be in its entirety, but in four songs,” Jordan told American Top 40 after the project dropped last week.

I cannot get enough of that voice! Looking forward to a full album and a Jordan Fisher tour, that’s for sure.

Buy the Jordan Fisher EP on iTunes here or stream it on your favorite service. Hard copies hit stores on September 9. For more on Jordan, check out his official website.

Check out “All About Us” below if you haven’t already (and if you have, it’s worth watching again…).

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