Video Review: Cruel By Snakehips ft. Zayn

In such a cruel world, maybe I found something good, girl…
– Zayn, “Cruel”

“Cruel” by Snakehips (Oliver Lee and James Carter) and Zayn Malik was a pleasant surprise to my ears a few weeks ago, being the perfect combination of vocal sensuality and ’80s throwback production.

Let’s face it–Zayn’s vocals feel provocative in almost every song he’s on, whether or not it’s intentional. It makes for consistently addicting music, though. I’m surely not complaining.

Snakehips have done their part with a dynamic, club-friendly beat that still maintains some depth–it’s electro-pop, but nowhere near bubblegum.

The “Cruel” music video landed in our laps yesterday (August 9), and it’s a home run. Visually appealing in every way, it’s just trippy enough–saturated colors and frequent movement–without being overkill. I love the choreography incorporated throughout, and the constant frame shifts are really entertaining.

“We had this beat that we were working on, and we sent it out to him and he just totally crushed it,” Snakehips’ James Carter told Fuse about their collaboration with Zayn.

Watch the “Cruel” music video below:

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