Review: Overnight by Jake Miller

Maybe we should try to kiss and make up
Or if you hate me, baby, maybe you should just leave
Jake Miller, “Overnight”

Jake Miller has entered new territory with his new single, “Overnight.”

It’s a refreshing pop/R&B sound, one that I see performing really well on radio within the next few weeks. My only complaint with the song is that the mix drowns out his vocals, which I’d like to hear rise above a little more clearly.

That being said, it isn’t JUST a beat–it’s got lyrical quality as well, which I can appreciate.

Jake has always had vocal ability, but his past albums have been rap-focused. He’s had a number of, in my opinion, underrated songs over the past couple of years. His last EP, Rumors, certainly deserved more traction than it received.

With that, I was slightly skeptical when he announced an EP where he would only be singing, called Overnight. (I’m also a little biased–I loved his rap era.)

The title track is a strong introduction to the project, and I’m looking forward to reviewing the entire Overnight EP.

UPDATE: Check out my review of the Overnight EP here!

“It’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever made,” Jake told PopMania recently.

“I think if I had the option, I’d probably do a remix to ‘Overnight’ with Ariana Grande. It’s a cool, sexy song, so I feel like the chemistry between us would be really cool on the song,” he added.

Can I just say that I am SO behind that idea?

“Overnight” is available on iTunes now. The Overnight EP, available for preorder, drops on August 19.

Jake Miller is also headed out on the 7/27 tour with Fifth Harmony this summer.

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