Review: The Girl On The Train Is Brilliantly Chilling

Thrillers rarely entertain me; I’m not a fan of freaking myself out by reading about the darkest sides of humanity.

However, I haven’t enjoyed a thriller this much since Gone Girl left me with nightmares and no regrets a couple of years ago.

Rachel seems like just a regular person who takes the train every morning from her little English town into London for her nine to five routine. Until we discover the vice that has crept its way into her life and destroyed everything.

Her life has become an illusion, a facade she’s desperate to maintain to fool everyone around her, but the commute on the train every morning will soon reveal the truth, little by little. Or will it?

The Girl On The Train doesn’t have a single character I’d want to encounter in my own personal life, much less on the street for a few seconds.

“I have never understood how people can blithely disregard the damage they do by following their hearts. Who was it said that following your heart is a good thing? It is pure egotism, a selfishness to conquer all. Hatred floods me.”
The Girl On The Train, Paula Hawkins

Whether they’re emotionally damaged or just plain sociopathic, they’re certainly not trustworthy and some are quite terrifying. Terrifying, yet each character is so well-written. Just when you think you have an idea what’s going on, you realize just how unreliable everyone is.

You won’t understand anything until you’re more than 3/4 of the way through the novel. That may sound annoying to some readers, but it made for such an enjoyable ride.

I found myself wondering more than once how Paula Hawkins managed to put this plot together. There are so many puzzle pieces, so many places that led me astray.

Rating: 10/10

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