Future Now Brooklyn: Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Have Come A Long Way

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas brought their highly-anticipated Future Now tour to Brooklyn, NY on Friday night (July 8), and it was fantastic.

Mike Posner opened the show, setting the bar for energy throughout the rest of the night. The hits that put him on everyone’s radar, “Cooler Than Me” and “Please Don’t Go,” were crowd-pleasers; almost everyone knew every word, which brought the atmosphere of the show to exactly where it needed to be.

Of course, “Pill in Ibiza” sent electricity through the crowd as soon as the song began.

Most interesting, though, was his unexpected spoken word performance. He spent about five minutes reflecting on the industry and how tricky it can be, bringing a rare moment of raw realness to the stage.

“What do you choose–presents or presence?” he asked.

Nick, riding the high from his explosive solo success, brought his hits to the stage–“Jealous,” “Chains,” “Close”–as well as some of the most addictive tracks from his debut and sophomore albums.

This may be more than a little biased if you’ve read my review of his album, but “The Difference” was one of the best performances of the night, while also being one of the stars onĀ Last Year Was Complicated. The song is a perfect example of the vocal talent and energy he brings to so much of his music.

“Good Thing” was another favorite; his feature on Sage the Gemini’s single was a surprise for many, but it was perfect fit for Nick, and a great addition to his Future Now set.

Demi’s set was a perfect showcase of how much she’s grown from the tentative pop star into a young woman secure in herself and her gift. She brought every inch of attitude to her singles–“Confident,” “Cool for the Summer,” and even the heartbreaking ballad “Stone Cold.”

Her gift for a long-held high note was never a dispute, even more so after witnessing it live.

Demi’s highlight was Nightingale, although it was a part of a medley. The arena was dim, cell phone lights shining as she sang and the crowd joined in with her. It was one of those moments music fans live for.

Demi and Nick brought Jamie Foxx out as a surprise guest, which was a really cool dynamic to witness. Jamie and Demi did a stunning duet of Ray Charles’ “Georgia On My Mind” (even more notable since Jamie portrayed the legendary singer in the biographical filmĀ Ray).


Jamie Foxx couldn’t take the stage without taking us music fans back a little; along with a snippet of “Gold Digger,” Nick joined him to perform Jamie’s hit “Blame It.”

The conclusion to the night was a duet of “Close” with Nick and Demi, which was a great combination of their vocal strengths. If there was ever any doubt that they’re equally skilled at reaching for and finding the right notes, this duet silences those doubts.

What’s really impressive about Demi and Nick’s show is that it managed to be low-key and more about the music than anything else. Yes, the blinding lights and production were evident, but they weren’t distracting.

In fact, all I could focus on were the vocals with both musicians, which was amazing. After all, that’s what most of us show up for, isn’t it?

BuyĀ ConfidentĀ by Demi Lovato here, andĀ Last Year Was ComplicatedĀ by Nick Jonas here.

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