EP Review: ‘Rust To Gold’ Is A Cohesive, Feel Good Introduction For Council

New York natives Council, whose band happens to be a family affair, are preparing to release their debut EP this year, entitled Rust To Gold.

Brothers Pat (vocals, bass), Doug (drums), and Andy (vocals, guitar) grew up on a farm in Baldwinsville, NY, but are now based in New York City, pursuing the dream they’ve been practicing for over the past few years.

Rust To Gold is produced by Justin Gray, who has worked with artists like John Legend and Mariah Carey.

Here’s my track-by-track review of Rust To Gold:

  1. “The World Is On Fire” – ‘Anthemic’ is the word that comes to mind with this upbeat rock song. I can easily imagine the fast-moving guitar and drum beats echoing across an arena somewhere.
  2. “Rust To Gold” – Boasting smooth, cohesive rhythms and a hopeful message, this is the perfect title track for the EP.
  3. “Rise Above It All” – Similar to the positive themes that preceded it, this song is a feel-good one at its foundation. It’s distinctly reminiscent of Imagine Dragons, who are experts at inspiring that rousing sense of ‘I can do anything’ with their music.
  4. “All For You” – This may be my favorite song on the EP. The vocals seem to take center-stage here, which makes for a refreshing moment. They rise above the instrumental in a way that may just tempt you to leave this song on repeat.
  5. “You Will Always Be (In My Heart)” – This leans closer to a more pop/rock sound than the other four songs. However, that’s not a bad thing at all. At times, it feels almost whimsical, but the song never loses its rock edge, which is undeniably Council’s strength throughout the EP.

Conclusion? Council’s debut is a great introduction to a band with obvious strengths in lyrical ability and an overall cohesive sound.

Listen to Rust To Gold on their official website.

For more on Council, follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page.

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