Review: Justin Bieber’s ‘One Dance’ Remix Is Everything We Needed…

Drake’s “One Dance” has a pretty decent shot at becoming song of the summer. Featuring a vocal sample of “Do You Mind?” by Crazy Cousinz and Kyla, it’s got a funky Caribbean vibe that is just pure fun.

Justin Bieber, Drake, One Dance remix
Credit: Drake/Spin

His good friend Justin Bieber recently jumped into the island vibe himself with the pop/EDM hit that is “Sorry,” and he tried his hand at it again with a release last night (June 4) that is currently bringing me a lot of joy.

Justin’s remix of “One Dance” is, in a word, fantastic. He’s slowly but surely become comfortable with more daring lyrical choices, and his slightly husky, mature vocal performance is above criticism.

My only complaint? It’s way too short. Less than two minutes? Talk about a tease.

If you’ve been trying to resist the Bieber vortex, I dare you to stay away from this song. I dare you.

P.S. We’re (im)patiently waiting for a “Right Here” part 2, guys…

Listen to the “One Dance” remix below.

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