Album Review: Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ Is Pop Perfection

Ariana Grande dropped her highly-anticipated third studio album, Dangerous Woman, earlier this month, and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the musical direction she’s taken here.

Below are my favorites from the album, with a brief review of each:

Moonlight – Breathy and private, this song draws you simultaneously into the studio as it was recorded and into that sweet, hypnotic moment I imagine inspired it.

Dangerous Woman – Subtle pop with breathtaking guitar riffs and a sensual edge, it’s a perfect title track. Great move in changing the album title, if you ask me…

Be Alright – A feel good track in multiple ways, it features well-delivered almost-whimsical vocals and lyrics that inspire hope in the toughest situation.

Into You –  A sexy electronic dance number that can both kickstart a night out and keep it going in the club, this is possibly the best track on the album.

Greedy – I’m always down for an upbeat old school vibe, and this delivers just that. It’s a fun bop, allowing Ariana freedom to stretch those high notes.

Leave Me Lonely – Macy and Ariana take us to church with this one. A soulful lament between Macy’s underrated smoky vocals and Ariana’s signature high tones, it’s just lovely.

Sometimes – A perfectly delivered pop song heavy on the emotion.

Touch It – It feels very much like Ariana is in control with this track, both lyrically and vocally, the latter aligning perfectly with the beat throughout.

Knew Better / Forever Boy – Forever Boy is indisputably the better track of the two,  although Knew Better is one of those that starts to creep up on you after the first listen. However, we MUST discuss the transition between them. It is epic, to say the least, smoothly transporting us into the Ultra-Festival-worthy EDM delicacy that is Forever Boy, courtesy of fantastic production on both tracks.

Thinking Bout You – The album ends with this strong vocal performance, just the right balance of sensuality and longing.

The remaining five tracks felt slightly out of place on this album. The tracks with features, other than Macy’s, leave something to be desired, not necessarily because they don’t deliver, but because Ariana’s solo tracks are more captivating to me. She shines on those, without a doubt, and they embody a more mature sound that just works.

Overall: 7/10

Buy Dangerous Woman on iTunes here.

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